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Brushless Electric Screwdriver

Express Assembly Products is one of the largest single sources of brushless electric torque screwdrivers on the web. Our state-of-the-art, high performance, ergonomically designed brushless screwdrivers are among the most reliable, low maintenance drivers available today.

The EA Brushless Lever screwdriver – push-to-start or lever start and available as an inline screwdriver or with a pistol grip.  These brushless screwdrivers are lightweight with an ergonomic design to ensure the operator’s comfort. The EA Brushless screwdrivers come with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protective housing which is a must when working with sensitive electronic parts such as circuit boards.

The EA Brushless series Torque Screwdriver includes the following features:

  • A torque cover to ensure that torque settings are not modified on the assembly line.
  • An ergonomic design grip made of thermoplastic elastomeric for a comfortable feel with a non-slip “Top Wave” design.
  • Rapid push change bit system makes the bits easy to change.
  • Easily accessible forward and reverse button design.
  • Optional color torque system that allows assembly line users a visible torque identifier.
  • A hanging ring that allows this tool to hang from a spring balancer above work location
    • All screwdrivers are provided with a power supply.

This brushless screwdriver is  good for clean room applications and applications that require a lighter weight screwdriver, ESD housing to protect sensitive electronic pieces and a wide range of RPM options.

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