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Calibrating Torque Screwdrivers

Calibrating torque screwdrivers insures that  they perform within technical specification. Most torque screwdrivers have a min and max torque value along with a % standard torque deviation. When you have a screwdriver calibrated, you ensure that a screwdriver maintains its % standard torque deviation at its min, max, and several torque values between the min and the max.  In many cases customer’s assembly applications require that tools be certified on a yearly time frame; we recommend a yearly time frame for applications running with a single shift and bi-yearly for assembly applications running with two shifts.   

Calibrating Torque Screwdrivers - FromOnline Calibration Form  In order to maintain accuracy, it is crucial that torque control equipment be calibrated regularly. We recommend in general 12 month calibration interval. Our standard service provides a turnaround time of 1 working day from the time we receive the tool.  

Express Assembly offers a Calibration Certification Program for all Screwdrivers that we sell.  Once you receive a torque certification from us we will be notified yearly when you tool is required to be re-certified.  During the certification process your tools goes through a complete checkup to ensure that it is operating correct and any issues are resolved before to certification.