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Express Assembly Launches New Subsidiary: Express Industrial

Express Assembly Products, a leader in assembly and automation tools, is thrilled to announce the launch of a subsidiary, Express Industrial. Express Industrial will offer a state-of-the-art tool line that is built to last for manufacturers and individuals working in the professional industries. These tools have been designed specifically to increase tool productivity, reliability, and longevity in work processes.

Express Industrial’s mission is guided by three major principles:

  • To provide low-maintenance and high-quality tools that are 100% backed by in-house factory expertise
  • To offer expert customer support for service, troubleshooting, and factory parts
  • To ensure the latest engineering innovations for industrial tool solutions that puts Express Industrial’s customers at the leading edge of technology

“We are very happy to launch Express Industrial so that we can address the very specific needs of our professional industry customers, including automotive assembly and industrial assembly,” said Kimberly Deppen, Express Assembly’s VP of Sales. “Express Industrial will provide the best tools and expertise that these customers need to make their assembly operations as efficient and reliable as possible.”


About Express Assembly:

Express Assembly was founded in 2005 to offer high-quality Sumake torque tools and supplies directly to the end-users. We serve more than 2,000 customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia. We ship anywhere in the world from our facilities in southern New Hampshire. Express Assembly Products’ torque screwdrivers and assembly tools are essential for companies looking to ensure the quality of their product assemblies with repeatable reliable torque. Common applications are found in industries like electronics, medical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and anywhere fasteners are used to assemble a product.