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Industrial Air Closed End Ratchet Wrenches

What is an Industrial Air Closed End Ratchet Wrench?

An industrial air ratchet wrench is a specialty wrench that is connected to a pressurized air supply and is used in narrow working spaces to fasten bolts and nuts. Because it is air powered, it is lighter and runs cooler than other tools. These tools are widely used in automotive, aviation, construction, and agricultural machinery applications. These wrenches can also be referred to as through-hole wrenches or pneumatic through-hole wrenches.


What are the benefits of Air Closed End Ratchet Wrenches?

  • Increased reach to access hard-to-reach and deep spaces
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to handle
  • Reduced damage to inserted nut (nut surrounded by closed end).
  • Industrial strength holds up under the toughest conditions


Why use a Sumake Industrial Air Closed-End Ratchet Wrench?

Sumake’s industrial air ratchet wrenches are designed for excellent control and optimal performance. With their small size, these wrenches weigh less than other tools which help prevent operator fatigue. Each wrench also has a comfortable ergonomic handle.


These ratchet wrenches are designed to fit in hard-to-reach spaces giving operators increased reach and flexibility. They also direct airflow away from the operator keeping the operator comfortable and the workspace cleaner. Reverse operation can be accomplished easily by simply turning the wrench over. When operating in reverse, max torque is available for removing fasteners. All Sumake tools are built to the highest standards of durability to hold up under the toughest applications.


Sumake Industrial Air Ratchet Wrenches Series 

RPM: 100-190

Max Torque: 18-66 ft-lbs

Bolt Size: 10-36 mm